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For over 20 years Gates Painting has been helping the build out and maintenance of structures around the Pacific Northwest. With 90+ years of combined building experience within the Gates Painting leadership, licensed as a General Contractor and additionally insured;  Our ability to provide extra services beyond painting and execute all phases from consultation to final completion is unparalleled.


  • Safe space disinfecting services

  • Painting of gypsum wallboard (GWB), metal, vinyl, millwork and doors

  • Staining/sealing of wood substrate, woodwork, doors and windows

  • Anti-fungal coatings & mold remediation

  • GWB installation and repair

  • GWB texture application

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Panel (FRP) installation and repair

  • Carpentry services and millwork installation

  • Mural design and installation

  • Magnetic, metallic, whiteboard and chalkboard coating system application

  • Faux finishes

  • Wall covering removal

  • Epoxy coating application on GWB, metal and concrete substrates

  • Anti-slip coatings

  • Signage removal and installation

  • Lead based paint RRP

  • Consultations services for: substrate assessments, maintenance recommendations, all facets of coating systems application to substrates

  • LED/Bulb conversion/replacement

  • Bulb replacement

  • Application of various types of coating systems on wood, metal and several composite substrates

  • Rust remediation and application of rust inhibitive coating systems

  • Cleaning, brightening, stripping, staining and/or sealing of wood substrate

  • Restorative services on wood, metal and several composite substrates

  • Mobile hot/cold water pressure washing

  • Mobile wet and dry media blasting including sand, soda, organic and stone media

  • Existing coatings removal

  • Corner metal replacement on GWB surfaces

  • Suspended ceiling tile removal, replacement and re-painting

  •  Existing floor covering removal/ Installation of all types floor coating systems (decorative or utilitarian)


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