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Flexibility and diversity are more important than ever for those of us in the design and building professions. The design team was challenged to come up with some innovative ideas and concepts for what has recently been referred to as “live/work” projects.


In the last few years, the marketplace has witnessed the re-emergence of buildings that have residential units above or adjacent to office and retail spaces. This is actually an old concept of “living above your store” found in many small towns all over the country.


These brand new 1 and 2 bedroom apartment/live and work space feature open floor plans and modern finishes.


Gates Painting provided the complete painted finishes for the Interior and Exterior of BlueStone consisting of approx. 37 units with four commercial specific spaces including a lower garage, 4th floor roof top deck and 3rd floor terrace. The finishes schedule consisted of multiple clear critical paths during different building phases. Properly executing the schedule helped manage material, labor and equipment while efficiently giving a value for a quality product.  

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